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If you have questions about Cogment, a project you are working on or would like to start with Cogment, or would like to become more involved in the open-source development of Cogment, we invite you to join our Discord server. Here members of the Cogment community can come together to chat by voice or text, ask questions, and share solutions. We look forward to connecting with you!

Interact with Us

We'd love to hear from you about any project you're working on with Cogment or Cogment Verse. Reach out on the Discord server to discuss your project, report any bugs you might find, or propose any fixes you think might improve our platform.

Reporting Bugs

If you do need to report a bug, you can do so on the issues page for Cogment or Cogment Verse. It's useful to check this list first to see if your issue has been raised already before submitting a new one.

When filing an issue, make sure to answer these five questions:

  1. What version of cogment are you using (check using cogment version)?
  2. What operating system and processor architecture are you using?
  3. What did you do?
  4. What did you expect to see?
  5. What did you see instead?

Security Disclosures

If you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Any security issues should be submitted directly to In order to determine whether you are dealing with a security issue, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Can I access something that's not mine, or something I shouldn't have access to?
  • Can I disable something for other people?

If the answer to either of those two questions are "yes", then you're probably dealing with a security issue. Note that even if you answer "no" to both questions, you may still be dealing with a security issue, so if you're unsure, just email us at

Participate in Cogment Open Source

If you are interested in contributing to Cogment or Cogment Verse, please get in touch with the team on the Discord server and share what you're thinking about.

You'll need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) so that you can retain ownership of the code submitted and AI Redefined has legal rights to use the contribution. Once signed, a CLA covers all Cogment projects. Get a CLA by emailing

To participate in the Cogment Open Source community, please make sure you follow our Code of Conduct guidelines.

If you want to implement a feature or bugfix for an outstanding issue, search for that issue on the dedicated issues page for Cogment or Cogment Verse and comment that you are going to work on this piece. If you need more context on a particular issue, reach out on our Discord server.